Braces & Invisalign Team in Jacksonville
& St. Augustine

Meet the Ossi Orthodontics Team

Get ready for an expert team that is knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to guide you through your orthodontic journey. As experts in braces and Invisalign, we help Dr. Ossi meet and exceed your every need. We can’t wait to work to create your new, more beautiful smile at our offices in Jacksonville and St. Augustine.

The Team Is Fabulous!

The team at Ossi Orthodontics is fabulous. They work with your schedule to accommodate you as much as possible.

They have the friendliest staff that all really seem to care about the patients. Way to go, Ossi team!!!

- Hope


Certified Orthodontic Assistant
Orthodontist Jacksonville


Certified Orthodontic Assistant, Appointment Coordinator
Ossi Orthodontics Team


Certified Orthodontic Assistant, New Patient Consultant
Ossi Orthodontics Team


Certified Orthodontic Assistant, Lab Technician

Maria Louise

Director of Business Continuous Improvement
Ossi Orthodontics Team


Certified Orthodontic Assistant, Appointment Coordinator, Practice Administrator
Ossi Orthodontics Team


Certified Orthodontic Assistant and Trainer, New Patient Consultant