A Clear Way To Change Your Smile

Dr. Ossi has the expertise to change your smile — and the firsthand experience to know that a beautiful, confident smile can change your life.

That's why we offer Jacksonville and St. Augustine clear braces as an effective and discreet orthodontic treatment options for our patients.

The Dependability of Braces — With a Twist

Clear braces — sometimes called ceramic braces, tooth-colored braces, or aesthetic braces — work like regular metal braces but with a special twist. Instead of metal brackets, they use clear ceramic ones that match the color of your teeth.

Not only do clear braces blend in well with your natural smile — like modern metal braces, ceramic braces are also smaller than ever, making this treatment option much less noticeable for adults and teens in Jacksonville or St. Augustine.

This makes them an excellent option if you want to straighten your teeth but don't want your braces to be super noticeable.

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Enjoy Clear Benefits

If you're considering clear braces from Ossi Orthodontics, you're in for some great perks! These braces are super effective at treating various orthodontic issues like crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and bite problems.

Here are some of the specific benefits of clear braces:

  • Gentle and effective: Just like regular braces, clear braces apply gentle pressure over time to efficiently shift your teeth where they need to go.
  • Comfortable: Clear braces are also very comfortable to wear. The brackets are smooth and do not irritate the inside of your mouth as some traditional metal braces can.
  • Durable and stain-resistant: They’re also durable and resistant to staining, so you can be confident that your braces will look great throughout your treatment.
  • Discreet: Because the brackets are made from a transparent material that blends in with your teeth, they’re much less noticeable than traditional metal braces — which can be important.

Ceramic Braces Vs. Custom Aligners

Your smile is one of a kind! That's why at Ossi Orthodontics, you can choose the treatment that fits your unique needs — including clear braces or clear aligners.

Clear braces are super subtle and match up with your teeth nicely. They’re also versatile enough to tackle many orthodontic problems.

Clear aligners like Invisalign are custom-made trays of durable, transparent plastic that will gradually nudge your teeth into their correct position.

Clear aligners are great at treating mild-to-moderate issues, but if your case is more severe, Dr. Ossi might suggest that you go with ceramic braces as the most discreet way to get the smile you want.

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Cost of Ceramic Braces

We're all about spreading smiles here at Ossi Orthodontics! Everyone deserves a beautiful grin that they feel great about.

That's why we accept most insurance plans and offer payment plans that work with your budget. It's our goal to make clear braces and other treatments accessible for all of our patients.

The materials we use will be a significant factor in determining the overall cost of your orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces do cost a little more than metal brackets and may require a little more time to correct your smile, as adjustments made with clear braces often must be smaller than with metal braces.

Our treatment coordinators will happily discuss the cost of your orthodontic treatment at your first free consultation at our office in Jacksonville or St. Augustine.

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