“The office and people who are working in it are simply the BEST. I was getting estimates from three orthodontists and the office of Dr. Ossi was the final and a great choice.

Three things that highlight this office among others:

  1. Professionalism: doctor and all of his assistants are extremely professional and take the work with the great attention to details. Nothing can pass their sharp eyes, they are focused.
  2. The time of the appointments is very well coordinated. Patients don’t need to wait at all in order for them to get seen by the doctor.
  3. When my braces were removed, everything was done very professionally and when I went to my hygienist she told me that Dr. Ossi did an outstanding job – nothing was left on my teeth (glue). She said she has seen patients from different offices and they always had something left on their teeth. I know – this is a small detail but again it speaks about how professional the office is.

My daughter is 4 years old and I already know where she will be going to get her braces. Thank you a lot for everything and I wish you many years of success. Your patient with the great smile!”